Uncover your potential with Torvik Family Taekwondo in Adkins and San Antonio

Discover the best Martial Arts training in Adkins and San Antonio.

No matter your stage in life we can help you reach your goals. Scroll down to find the program that best suits you!

Standard Classes

Group classes for ages 6+. 

Character | Discipline | Excellence

Start your journey to black belt here. Be challenged and pushed mentally, physically and emotionally.

Ninja Trix

Classes  4-8.

Parkour | Tumbling | Taekwondo

Ninja Trix is a fun way to get your kids moving and learning in a dynamic and engaging way. They will learn coordination, body control and mechanics as well as confidence, respect and communication. 

Private Training


Go beyond in your training with Private Sessions. This is the most effect way to reach your goals and reach your potential. With options to train in sparring, tournament and test prep, specific techniques, you can receive a whole hour of the training you specifically need to move beyond your current status.